Rocket File Encryption for z/OS

Fast and flexible encryption for mainframe data sets

Rocket® File Encryption for z/OS software provides a fast, flexible way to secure sensitive data handled by your mainframe batch file processes. No additional processing capacity or complex reconfiguration is required. Improve IBM® z/OS® data security with the help of best-in-class encryption powered by RSA® Key Manager while you reduce operating costs.

Rocket Mainframe Solutions

Fit compliance and data security into your "window"

Rocket File Encryption for z/OS helps you meet compliance requirements and protect your company's business reputation by fitting encryption into current batch windows. It integrates quickly and easily with your existing JCL-driven batch processes to secure sensitive data, and leverages the class-leading encryption key life-cycle management and access control features of RSA Key Manager.

File Encryption for z/OS uses hardware acceleration for cryptographic processing on supporting systems. It creates encrypted archives from single data sets, multiple data sets, or entire volumes, and allows selective restoration of decrypted archive contents.

Get best-of-breed operational encryption for your mainframe data sets today—no heavy lifting.

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