Rocket TriTune

Optimize development and performance for your applications

Improve application throughput and lower CPU consumption by pinpointing application execution delays

TriTune isolates the sources of excessive processing in mainframe applications, improving application response times and lowering CPU consumption. It provides proactive performance analysis and tuning that helps optimize enterprise application performance across z/OS applications. TriTune helps you improve customer service, meet service-level agreements (SLAs) and maintain a competitive edge by saving operational costs in deferred hardware and software purchases. It identifies wasted processing time and reduces CPU consumption leading to improved processor utilization, deferred capacity increases, and reduced chargeback costs. TriTune saves application performance personnel time in resolving performance issues, reducing the Time To Resolution (TTR), allowing personnel time for other development projects.

Critical System and Application Performance data is automatically provided to immediately address performance issues
The largest consumer of CPU in the application is identified to the line of code that is causing the CPU consumption
Shorter time to resolution of application performance issues+delaying CPU upgrades+consistently meeting SLA's = Positive ROI
Detailed delay and execution metrics quickly identify the root-cause of sub-optimal performance of mainframe applications
Identifies execution delays to the line of code. Identifies data delays, code activity, and database activity by transaction
TriTune analyzes all critical information to identify system, database, I/O and application performance inefficiencies