M204 System Audit

Ensure peak system performance for Model 204

Every dollar of your information technology investment should generate optimal return. To this end, a Rocket Software System Audit addresses enterprise-wide tuning and capacity issues to identify areas requiring further in-depth analysis.

The System Audit enables you to:

  • Understand your existing system capacity and how to fully exploit it
  • Identify realistic performance objectives
  • Capitalize on all current Model 204 facilities within your environment
  • Increase the skills of your Model 204 technical staff


Performance tuning

Performance tuning finely balances supply and demand for several system components including CPU, memory, DASD I/O channels, and Model 204 internal resources. A wrong decision can impede systems, imposing a significant loss of productivity. Rocket Software created the System Audit to help you make the right decisions and achieve optimal utilization of all your Model 204 resources.

Rocket Software consultants have years of experience and extensive knowledge of Model 204 internals. Their direct communications with Model 204 development staff gives them the most in-depth and up-to-the-minute Model 204 information available. And, because Rocket Software consultants have broad exposure to a diverse set of Model 204 environments, they bring a unique perspective to your situation.

The system audit consists of:

Telephone Consultation

The process begins with a telephone interview. A Rocket Software consultant obtains background information about your performance issues and goals. The consultant also ask for a copy of your journal and any performance reports.

Off-Site Analysis

To maximize the efficiency of the later on-site evaluation process and to minimize any imposition on your time, an analysis of the preliminary information occurs off-site.

On-Site Evaluation

The consultant spends up to four days at your site evaluating such areas as:

  • File organization, structure, and design
  • System configuration
  • Application logic
  • Programming techniques
  • Enqueue conflicts
  • Parameters and tables
  • Checkpoints

Recommendations Report

The consultant prepares a recommendations report. This clear, concise report contains both short and long-term recommendations for achieving your goals.


Finally, Rocket Software follows up to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how to implement the recommendations in your report.