M204 Application Delivery Services

Do you find yourself wtih a backlog of development requests and a lack of resources?

Are staffing issues leaving you with a lack of Model 204 talent?

Rocket Software can assist you in solving these and other problems with our Application Delivery Services. Rocket Software has experienced consultants on staff ready to tailor a solution to your particular needs. We have been engaged frequently and successfully over the years, and are here to help you protect your investment in ModeI 204.

What services are available?

Application Development

Application Development involves a team of Rocket Software consultants, led by a Project Director, assuming full responsibility for the development, enhancement, and/or maintenance of an application or applications. We can work with users to develop specifications, write the code, test and implement the application. Rocket Software consultants possess a wealth of application development knowledge in a vast variety of disciplines. Our consultants are also trained in the latest and best User Language and Model 204 techniques. These project teams can be deployed onsite for an assignment, or work can be accomplished through a combination of onsite and remote work.

Supplemental Resources

Supplemental Resources involve Rocket Software providing contract personnel to you, for a prescribed period of time, to lend assistance and expertise to your Model 204 staff. Or, we can fill vacancies in your staff on an "as needed" basis with any of our expert personnel. This is best utilized in instances of staff departures, short term assignments, vacation periods, new application development or enhancements, or installation of a new release.

Remote Services

Remote Services can involve any discipline of Model 204 expertise: database analysis system management, programming, etc. Rocket Software can provide seasoned, acknowledged experts in these areas and more. We have found that not all consultants or experts are required for prolonged periods of time at your site. However, these resources can be available to you remotely, either by dialing into your system, or using our own development environment. This type of setup has proven to be quite popular and successful in many customer engagements.