What's New in Rocket LegaSuite Web

Key highlights for the latest Rocket LegaSuite Web release include:

  • Automated Macro Conversion
  • PDF Printing
  • Streamlined Workflow Development
  • Support for Linux on Power
  • Multi-core support
Rocket LegaSuite Web 8.2

Automated Macro Conversion

If you have user macros in LegaSuite GUI, J Walk, or WinJa, Rocket LegaSuite 8.2 now enables you to convert them to run on the host. From the LegaSuite Web and GUI Workbench, developers can locate, upload, access, and import user macro files. LegaSuite Web automatically generates a new script for each macro.

PDF Printing

LegaSuite 8.2 has added the ability to print from LegaSuite Web-powered applications to PDF files, so developers can now enable print-ready content that can be handled by the local printing capabilities of each device—providing a better, more intuitive user experience.

Streamlined Workflow Development

With the LegaSuite Web Workflow Recorder, your developers can now easily improve workflows . With this new feature, they can automatically select or update lists in host-based applications without any coding requirements. In LegaSuite Web 8.2., we’ve also extended the Workflow Recorder to handle sub-files within your green-screen applications.

Support for Linux on Power

Your IBM i applications run on Power Systems; now your it’s easy for your LegaSuite engine can run on the same hardware.  Instead of deploying LegaSuite-powered applications to separate Windows or Linux servers, you can now serve content directly from your Power Systems hardware, increasing its flexibility and value.