Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation Tool

Fast, efficient translations for your enterprise applications

To grow in today’s global economy, you need localized solutions. Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation Tool translates IBM® i applications into foreign languages faster and with less risk. Translate existing applications or new applications created with LegaSuite for use in any locale and language.

Fast, safe translation support for 6,700+ languages

Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation Tool offers computer-assisted translation that helps you translate enterprise applications into foreign languages more quickly, safely and easily than traditional methods—no matter which of the world's 6,700 languages you need to support. Our computer-assisted technology speeds up the process and improves the quality. Translations are fast and library-based, enabling an iterative approach and automating translation of previously translated words and phrases.

Multitask your translations

With the Rocket LegaSuite Text Translation Tool, you can generate multiple foreign language versions of new user interfaces that you developed using LegaSuite GUI for your mainframe, IBM i (AS/400), OpenVMS and UNIX-DEC, or IBM i (AS/400) green-screen user interfaces, printer files, RPG applications and CL commands.