Get more value from your existing systems—with less risk

Deliver new digital business services quickly without recoding or replacing

Applications running on IBM i (AS/400) or UNIX are at the heart of business operations worldwide, having delivered reliable functionality and data for years. Unfortunately, new requirements for web, mobile and cloud experiences can expose the limitations of their 5250 or VT terminal based interfaces, which don’t readily lend themselves to these newer channels for engaging with customers.

Empowering IBM i in the Digital Age
Avoid development pitfalls and delays

Rocket LegaSuite Web lets you modernize your systems to meet current demands—without the typical development issues associated with re-engineering an older IBM i (AS/400) or UNIX application. You can build new user experiences and functionality on top of your existing systems, avoiding the need to modify the underlying code. Save time, reduce costs, and eliminate the substantial risks of replacement while increasing and extending the value of your proven systems.

LegaSuite Web automates the management of the new application UI, letting your developers build (and even change) the new interface without impacting the underlying code. If at some point you do make changes to the green screens, LegaSuite Web automatically synchronizes them with the core application, ensuring consistent and coordinated change management.  Develop, deploy, and maintain new UIs and new functionality to employees and customers at low cost and without disruption to your existing infrastructure and employee productivity.