Build IBM i® or Z® automation easily with Rocket® Process Automation—no legacy development expertise required

Rocket Process Automation

Rocket® Process Automation is the only RPA solution that will deliver quick and significant ROI from automating your IBM i/Z processes. That’s because we have decades of experience developing for legacy systems. We’re the legacy experts, so you don’t have to be.

Rocket Process Automation lets you:

  • Increase productivity: Automate 90%+ of your repetitive workflows leading to faster throughput on claims processing, call center response times, and other business operations
  • Reduce employee turnover: Provide more engaging, less tedious work by automating the repetitive and monotonous tasks that drive employees to leave
  • Significantly reduce error rate: Deliver better productivity and improve data accuracy by minimizing manual user input
  • Improve the quality of customer engagement: Free up reps to focus on higher-value customer interactions instead of mechanical tasks
  • Assured regulatory compliance: Easily stay compliant with policy/regulations that mandate response or processing times

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