What's New in Rocket NXT 4.8

Rocket Folio/NXT 4.8 - Now with Faceted Search

Empower Users to Find Content Faster

Categorize, Navigate, Drill-Down = Greater discoverability, efficiency, confidence

Rocket NXT 4.8 is the latest version of our powerful search platform for gathering, indexing, and searching both structured and unstructured data. Version 4.8 now delivers Faceted Search, also known as guided navigation, which is a faster way to connect users with the information they need.

Faceted Search structures information with a categorical drill-down architecture, which helps users understand the content space, and gives them ideas about what is available, and how to search for it.

It’s no surprise that Faceted Search is preferred by users. Studies show that Faceted Search improves the overall search experience, helping users to find data faster and discover the unexpected, all with greater accuracy and confidence.

Features include:

Greater discoverability-- Well-designed navigation plays a key role in getting people to the information they need. This ultimately helps users not only find the information they’re looking for, but also leads them to increased exploration and discovery of related content.

Greater efficiency – With Faceted Search, efficiency and usability is improved when multiple filters are applied. Users can progressively refine their search and pinpoint the information they need.

Greater insight and confidence - Revealing facet values gives users better insight into the type of terms and language that are used during search sessions. They are then able to match their information needs with the content of the site, giving them confidence as they navigate through a given collection.