What’s New in Rocket Folio 4.9

Building from the momentum of PDF integration, Folio 4.9 introduces SuperCharged PDF content enrichment

The latest version of Rocket Folio, our robust enterprise search and content management product line for the desktop, builds on the PDF integration that was introduced in release 4.8. We expanded PDF integration to provide a greater degree of usability and intelligence. Now you can interact directly with PDF content: easily traverse throughout the document, enrich content by adding links to complementary docs, append content with insightful notes, and highlight critical details. With 4.9 you’ll be equipped to build intelligence that will truly differentiate your content as a brand that stands above all others.

Rocket Folio 4.9 features include:

Increased Usability

Quickly and easily navigate through PDF content. Use our new caret navigation and jump links to simply scroll through content line by line or to jump from one section to another and eliminate superfluous noise.  Selecting, copying, and pasting PDF text, , and tagging down to the paragraph level for increased usability are also supported.  Digesting PDF files spanning hundreds to thousands of pages just got a whole lot easier with Folio 4.9.

Edit over PDF for enriched intelligence

PDF files can now be augmented to include an overlay of relevant external content, giving end-users greater intelligence on the overall topic at hand.  Content developers can add hyperlinks for recommended reading, sidebar notes that detail “special instruction”, “internal process relevance”, or “watch-out” comments.  Additionally, you can add jump links to exact character locations for streamlined and focused guidance throughout documents that connects the dots for you or your readers.  Add fields and cross-reference features to specific words, paragraphs, or sections directly in the PDF to categorize and leverage key pieces of information.

Accelerated time-to-market

With PDF files delivered in their native format, resources are no longer required to address formatting issues when converting content into Folio. Translation―decreased time and cost to deliver content to end-users.

For a complete list of enhancement and bug fixes please see the download section in the Rocket Community.

Download Folio 4.9 from the Rocket Community today to begin experiencing the benefits of this new release. Customers on Maintenance receive product updates and access to technical support as part of their contract.

If you’re not on maintenance or if you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]