Simplified, scalable enterprise search

Manage growing amounts of data without adding overhead

Time spent searching through various drives and databases can add up. Rocket® Folio and NXT make it easy to search structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources—all from a single interface. Folio and NXT understand the user’s search intent and context, and results arrive in an intuitive format.

Easy to start, easy to grow

Businesses and other organizations are creating and storing information at an astounding rate, increasing the amount of time and complexity involved when it comes to search. They need solutions that can manage growing amounts of data and files without adding overhead.

Rocket search solutions are designed to scale easily, with an architecture based on HTTP/RESTful APIs that provide a flexible distributed network. AJAX-based web interfaces provide customizable user interfaces, and allow you to create feature-rich web applications without spending hours learning proprietary technology.

There’s no complex setup or coding required, so you’ll be up and running in a matter of days (not weeks or months), with no need for costly consulting engagements. Rocket Folio and NXT are ready to use as soon as they’re installed, and are designed for use by business users—not developers. That means lower overhead and less maintenance compared to other solutions, saving you time and money from day one.