Keep information secure as you share it

Control which users have access to which information sources

You need to keep your information secure, while still making it easy for team members to find what they need. Rocket® Folio and NXT include user management tools that let you control which users have access to which sources. It’s easy to specify what each user can see, what he or she can do with it, and how many concurrent users are allowed.

Controlled content access for smarter sharing

Rocket Folio and NXT provide a simple and intuitive content framework, which organizes related content into meaningful libraries. This both improves security and streamlines the search process. You can even create customized views and tailor them to meet the needs of different audiences, all while preserving a single location for your content.

Folio and NXT let information owners control who can access information, what they can do with it, how long they can use it, and how many concurrent users are allowed. They can also generate passwords that unlock secure or expired data. When necessary, you can drill-down to any level of granularity to meet security needs, all the way to the record level. Data can be distributed to multiple users while preserving control over who can access, edit, annotate, export, search, and print various document subsections, all while encryption technology from RSA® protects secured information from unauthorized use.