Rocket C\Prof

Intuitive transaction profiling for IBM® CICS® trace data

IBM® Customer Information Control System (CICS®) Transaction Server for z/OS is a critical part of your mainframe environment. Ensuring that applications are running well and the ability to quickly find and fix errors are daily requirements. C\Prof provides the added details you need to diagnose problems in your CICS applications faster—with minimal impact on your business-critical applications. 

Holistic, intuitive, and easy to use

Quickly identify problem transactions and drill down to see application events in detail. C\Prof lets you see individual transactions execute across multiple CICS regions, so you can spend less time sorting through diagnostic data and more time solving problems. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and provides value to staff across a range of roles and responsibilities.

Whether collecting data continuously or in short bursts, the insights captured by C\Prof allow you to:

  • Select transactions based on your criteria; for example, transaction name and response time
  • Sift through millions of transactions with powerful find, filter, save, and sort capabilities • Identify all the programs used by a transaction, and the performance profile of each program
  • Follow the program flow across multiple CICS regions
  • Review all the application calls made by each program—including EXEC CICS as well as Db2, JCICS, MQ, and IMS—in rich detail and with elapsed time analysis
  • Dive deep into the trace events associated with each transaction or application call in order to identify the cause of a delay or problem

Increase insight while minimizing CICS resource drain

Stop pulling precious resources away from business-critical applications. C\Prof runs outside of the CICS address space and requires no changes to CICS itself. You can collect and interpret the trace data with significantly less impact on your business operations. Two different operating modes allow you to profile transactions from an application perspective, or to collect trace data to diagnose system problems.

Capture and analyze problems as they occur

C\Prof can capture a problem as it occurs, potentially reducing the need to reproduce it. You can take a point-in-time snapshot of the CICS internal trace data on demand, allowing. You to capture and analyze problems when they first occur without waiting for them to happen again.

Reduce the bottleneck on system administrator resources

With a concise format that’s easy to use, Rocket C\Prof helps application engineers navigate their trace data without relying on system administrators. System administrators are now more available for other business needs, and the efficiency of the whole system IT team increases.

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