Single-client user interface

One UI for all of your terminal-based apps

Unlike most browser emulators, Rocket® Terminal Emulator (formerly BlueZone) supports all the features and functions you find in desktop (IBM® TN3270, TN5250) emulators. You get the best of both worlds—complete display and printing capabilities combined with web access, fast response times, a small footprint, and easy installation and updates—all from a single user interface. 

The flexibility and ease of use your end users need

With Rocket terminal emulation, you get a single emulator that provides support for 3270, 5250, VT 52/100/220/320/420, ANSI, SCO-ANSI, WYSE 60, HP character and block mode, and secure FTP connectivity. Each user can make any number of desired connections. You don't have to purchase separate, additional products to support multiple protocols, and because Rocket solutions support both Web and desktop, you don't have to buy separate licenses—simply take your pick and change your mind at any time! As your users' needs change over time, you can have a smooth and transparent transition between Web and desktop emulation at no additional cost.

Rocket terminal emulation solutions were built with the web in mind, so you get all the functionality you need, with no extraneous features. Whether you're trying to extend the reach of your corporate data to business partners, or just trying to free up system resources and keep desktops light, browser-based terminal emulation makes it easy.

Rocket solutions also support all of the key display and printer features that your existing applications use—for example, IBM Graphical Data Display Manager (GDDM), 62 x 160 screen size, multiple sessions, and function key mapping.

Easy configuration

With other mainframe terminal emulators, you may need to install and configure software for hundreds or thousands of users who could be spread across multiple sites. This means that administrators have to go to every single user’s computer to install and configure the terminal emulator. Also, deployment may require the purchase of new hardware which proves to be a headache for the budget and the workload. It doesn’t have to be. Rocket solutions are

  • Lightweight: It’s not just a small footprint, it’s highly optimized install time and storage requirements. The browser-based emulation download can be as little as 2.5 MB.
  • Flexible: Software can be deployed from any web server (WebSphere, NT, mainframe, iSeries, UNIX) so no additional hardware or software purchases are required.
  • Rich: Now you can take advantage of built-in web capabilities, auto-upgrade functionalities, and centralized deployment and configuration architecture.
  • Easy: Distribution is simple and inexpensive. Ideally, this means that users simply click a hyperlink to launch the terminal emulator.
  • Fast: IT personnel don’t have to waste time configuring the new terminal emulator for every single user on every single computer. By using a configuration file, there’s nothing required of the user beyond clicking on a hyperlink, which starts the automatic download of a pre-configured client.