Cost Savings with Rocket Terminal Emulation

Rocket BlueZone — all the functionality, a fraction of the cost

Rocket BlueZone provides a feature-rich browser-based 3270 emulator for IBM host access. BlueZone includes both enhanced TN3270E emulation and basic TN3270 emulation, as well as IBM i (TN5250), UNIX/DEC (VT), and secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Our subscription based licensing program can reduce your 3270 emulator acquisition and maintenance costs significantly.

The Rocket Terminal Emulation Web to Host 3270 emulator is first installed on a web server (Apache/Tomcat, BEA, IBM WebSphere Application Server or Microsoft IIS). Once installed, users then download an ActiveX client to their desktop. The download only occurs once and does not reoccur until a new version of Rocket Terminal Emulation Web to Host is installed on the web server. The web server plays no role in the communication to the IBM host—all communication occurs between the 3270 emulator client and the host. User configuration files, macros, etc, can be stored either locally or on the central web server.

Ideal for distributed environments

With Rocket Terminal Emulation Web to Host, remote or distributed Windows users are given all the tools they need for secure, reliable, productive host connectivity. Support of SSL and SSH security, VB Script for macro development, HLLAPI and an Object API for IBM application integration, comprehensive Windows cut and paste, and more are all standard in the Rocket Terminal Emulation 3270 emulator. For a complete list of product features and supported operating systems, view the 3270 emulator tech specs.

Deploy from IBM mainframe or Microsoft IIS Server

Administrators have the option of deploying the the Rocket Terminal Emulation 3270 emulator directly from an IBM mainframe or a Microsoft Windows Server running IIS.  If you want to deploy from the IBM mainframe, you will need to have Apache/Tomcat, BEA WebLogic or IBM Websphere Application Server running to publish the application.

Technical support is available if you need it

If you need help, access to our knowledgeable support team, and all of the resources they bring to the table, is available. Whether you have questions on security, configuration, need help with macro conversion or anything else, we're here to help. Each year, an overwhelming percentage of our customers rate our software and support as top notch. Since most customers take advantage of our low-cost annual subscription licensing, maintaining an excellent level of support is absolutely critical to our ongoing success as a company.

Management loves the cost savings and free migration tools

For customers that need to transition to Windows 8 and replace their existing 3270 emulator, we offer automatic conversion utilities to convert configuration files into the Rocket Terminal Emulation format, making the transition easily manageable. We also provide free macro conversion utilities and services to guarantee an orderly migration. Switching from Attachmate or Micro Focus to Rocket Terminal Emulation is easier than one might imagine at the outset and we have new customers every month confirming this.

With our Rocket Enterprise License Plan (ELP), large organizations see not only a dramatic reduction in 3270 emulator licensing fees, maintenance and future upgrade costs, but they also welcome the freedom we give our clients in terms of ability to distribute Rocket Terminal Emulation anywhere and everywhere. With a Rocket Terminal Emulation ELP, no there is no requirement to track terminal emulation licenses.

A great track record

We have successfully migrated many large organizations with tens of thousands of users to Rocket Terminal Emulation and have lots of references to share. Take a moment to view our sample client list found in the link above. As organizations worldwide seek to cut costs and lower operational expenses, Rocket Terminal Emulation is the world's leader in 3270 emulator displacement.


As one of the market's very first browser-based connectivity solutions, the mature, feature-rich package is an ideal alternative to other desktop-based emulators. Rocket Terminale Emulation provides high quality, reliable terminal emulation from Windows desktops. Rocket Terminal Emulation is extremely cost effective. We provide a subscription based licensing program that can reduce your acquisition cost and maintenance cost significantly. Rocket Terminal Emulation Web to Host's features include:

Major Features

  • Provides access to IBM mainframe, AS/400 and UNIX host applications
  • TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, TN5250E, VT420, VT100, SCO ANSI and Wyse 60 terminal emulation
  • Standalone FTP client and integrated FTP file transfer within terminal emulation session
  • Designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Advanced SSL security available for each host session
  • Advanced SSH security available for each UNIX host session
  • Secure FTP file transfer using SSL and SSH security
  • IND$FILE file transfer to IBM mainframe
  • Deploy Rocket Terminal Emulation from a centralized web server such as Microsoft IIS or IBM WebSphere
  • HLLAPI available to reuse existing screen scraping applications
  • Attachmate-compatible EXTRA! Objects API to reuse existing EXTRA! screen scraping applications
  • VB Script to record, edit and run productivity enhancing macros
  • Host printing supported through the TN3270E or TN5250E client
  • Pass-through printing available for VT or SCO ANSI client
  • Ability to open multiple host sessions, uniquely configure each session
  • Customizable keyboard layout, mouse buttons, keypads, toolbars, hotspots, colors, fonts, cursor and more
  • Program setup, product menus and dialog boxes can be viewed in one of six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese (Europe and Brazil)

Secure Terminal Emulation Sessions

  • Microsoft Secure Channel (SChannel) for royalty-free SSL security on all sessions
  • SSH security available for all UNIX sessions (VT, SCO ANSI and Wyse 60)
  • Features client authentication

Secure FTP File Transfer

  • Full compliance with IETF RFC 959 file transfer protocol specifications
  • Standalone FTP client and integrated FTP file transfer within terminal emulation session
  • SSL security (FTPS) (IETF RFC 4217 Securing FTP with TLS) featuring data channel encryption and client authentication
  • SSH security (SFTP) (PuTTY SSH implementation for Win32)
  • Asynchronous interface to Windows sockets TCP/IP driver results in fastest file transfer data rate possible with minimum amount of system resources
  • Ability to create and save file transfer schemes
  • Ability to transfer a list of files
  • Information from last 16 file transfers saved
  • Send and receive file transfer can be initiated in multiple ways, including drag and drop, menu commands and cut/copy/paste commands
  • Look and feel of Windows Explorer with menu bar, toolbar, status bar, three window panes (PC directory structure and file list, host directory structure and file list, connection log and error messages) that can be interactively resized and displayed as icons, details or list
  • Files and icons can be sorted by size, date, type, permission, owner and group and can be automatically arranged

IND$FILE File Transfer to IBM mainframe

  • Presentation Space and Structured Field transfer methods
  • Text, binary and custom file transfer types
  • Ability to configure custom IBM 3270 IND$FILE parameters for CMS, TSO and CICS options and save as schemes
  • Information from last 16 file transfers saved


  • Record, edit and run macros to automate keystrokes and improve end user productivity
  • Macro scripting language uses Visual Basic Script syntax
  • Recorded macros can be used as Visual Basic programs with minor modification
  • Start-up macro can be used to automatically launch host application
  • Exit macro can be used to properly exit host application and close the session
  • Macros can be used to start other Windows applications
  • Macros can be assigned to a key on the keyboard, keypad, toolbar or mouse button
  • Option to enable/disable the keyboard while the macro is running
  • Ability to execute all Rocket Terminal Emulation menu commands
  • Dead key can be recorded
  • Any text editor can be used to edit macros

Application Programming Interfaces

  • 32-bit HLLAPI interface available to support existing HLLAPI applications
  • Compliant with Windows HLLAPI version 1.1
  • HLLAPI short name can be automatically selected or manually specified
  • Attachmate compatible EXTRA! Object API
  • Macro API (subset of HLLAPI)
  • Rocket Terminal Emulation Object API available for new screen-scraping projects

Execution of Events within Host Session

The following events can be executed using any keyboard key, keypad, toolbar icon, mouse click or hotspot:

  • Launch a URL
  • Send a host key, text character or string of text characters to host
  • Send an APL character to the host (3270 sessions only)
  • Execute a macro
  • Execute any menu command
  • Run an application, including Word, Excel, etc.
  • Apply keyboard, hotspots, keypad, colors or toolbar settings
  • Tile, cascade or minimize all sessions

Connection Features

  • Display connection information in HTML format
  • Auto Reconnect
  • Telnet Device Type Override
  • Dynamic screen size configuration for 3270 sessions
  • Support for 3270 extended attributes
  • Scroll back buffer for 3270 sessions
  • Support for connection to generic, dedicated, pooled, and associated LUs
  • Full support for NVT, SSCP-LU, and LU-LU sessions
  • Hot back up for connection to alternate IP host names
  • Host connection time-out parameter
  • TN3270E Responses
  • TN3270 Non-SNA Command Chaining
  • Keep Alive to maintain persistent connection

Session Profile Features

  • Ability to open, save and create new session profiles
  • Ability to save layouts of multiple sessions as desktop icons
  • Ability to use a Windows system variable in the TN3270/TN5250 LU Resource name
  • Ability to lock and secure session profiles with password
  • Ability to customize text used on window title
  • Ability to enable/disable commands of the menu bar
  • Ability to tile and cascade active sessions
  • Custom .WAV file can be used for sound if signaled by host application