Lower total cost of ownership

Save on yearly maintenance costs

Secure, slim, and powerful, Rocket® BlueZone® Terminal Emulation solutions can dramatically lower your total cost of ownership with flexible, all-inclusive licensing. Many customers lower their terminal emulation costs in the first year, and see reductions in annual maintenance costs every year after that.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Lower license and maintenance fees than first-generation emulators

Rocket® BlueZone® Terminal Emulation solutions can significantly reduce total cost of ownership for emulation, making them ideal enterprise-wide replacements for your incumbent vendor(s). Rocket can provide significant savings on the cost of your incumbent terminal emulation maintenance with our flexible, all-inclusive licensing.

Migration expertise—including conversion tools and best practices—minimizes the risk and business disruption of moving away from your current tools. We offer concurrent or per-seat licensing, as well as lower license and maintenance fees than first-generation emulators. And upgrades are always free.

With a single emulator you get support for multiple terminal protocols as well as Secure FTP connectivity. Each user can make any number of desired connections and you don't have to purchase any separate products.

Rockets saves you money on the back-end, too. Our centralized distribution features help eliminate network administration and overhead support. Meanwhile, our thin clients have a very small footprint, so storage requirements are minimal. We offer a single client interface regardless of deployment methods, including web-to-host, embedded web-to-host client, or served desktop client.