Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation

Access enterprise applications on the go

Cost-effective, real-time access—from anywhere

Enabling new ways of working with mobile devices can make employees more productive and improve customer service. Rocket terminal emulation solutions let employees access host systems from their preferred devices— any time, anywhere. Unchain users from fixed terminals and engage employees, improve customer service, and inspire greater productivity—at a fraction of the cost of other emulators.

Empower your workforce with modern host access

Whether you want to give retail salespeople the ability to check inventory without leaving the customer’s side, or give independent contractors BYOD access to your logistics systems, you can give your workforce host access any time, anywhere, at low risk and low cost.

Rocket terminal emulation solutions deliver secure, browser-based terminal functionality to desktops, laptops, Chromebooks™, and other mobile devices. Accessing host-based applications or data is as easy as opening a hyperlink. Users get:

  • An intuitive experience for instant productivity
  • A consistent experience across all devices
  • Traditional emulator functionality with a modern feel
Reduce operational overhead while maintaining security

Zero-footprint, browser-based terminal emulation simplifies your infrastructure, in many cases replacing multiple client-software deployments with a single, server-based terminal emulator requiring no client-side installation.

Rocket terminal emulation solutions include strong security options purpose-built for enterprise applications. There’s no need for risky browser plug-ins such as ActiveX or Java; Rocket solutions deliver terminal emulation capabilities via HTML5 directly within your modern browser. Data is secured with HTTPS, SSL/TLS, and SSH security, and user authentication is handled by your host SAF and enterprise LDAP directory services.

Modernize your business processes and reduce IT spending

Rocket terminal emulation solutions can be an ideal complement to existing emulators, creating new ways of working as you modernize your business processes. Users can help customers on the shop floor, get new tasks while out in the warehouse, and check on production from off-site. Because Rocket delivers a zero-footprint, browser-based experience, IT overhead is far lower than traditional terminal emulators. There’s no software to install or components to download, and all configuration is handled through a single, centralized server.