Automate storage management

Maximize storage investment and resources

Rocket® Arkivio® has streamlined management of data with a straightforward three-step process: metadata collection, data classification, and data management.

With its powerful discovery, classification, reporting, and policy engine capabilities, Arkivio enables you to manage your data with ease through its entire lifecycle—all in an automated way.

Continuously monitor and optimize data storage

Organizations need help to keep up with the explosive growth in unstructured data. Rocket Arkivio gives administrators the power to create and execute user-defined policies that maximize resources every step of the way. 

Arkivio also gathers file system metadata, storage capacity levels, and data usage trends to provide alerts for various storage needs. It aggregates millions of rows of metadata for customizable reports, ROI analysis, and storage capacity planning. In-depth, custom reports on storage consumption, data usage, and historical trends provide an accurate end-to-end view of the storage environment.

Arkivio simplifies storage management by automating common storage management tasks, using global policies to act intelligently on the data. The policy engine can be fully automated to run on a schedule or based on events, and can also be initiated on demand to copy, move, migrate, retain, restore, or delete data. With Arkivio, it's easy to properly manage files across multiple systems from “cradle to grave.”