What's New in Rocket API 3.1

Key highlights for the latest Rocket API release include:

  • Security and access enhancements
  • Simplified deployment options
  • Monitoring and management improvements

Rocket API 3.1

Security and access enhancements

Rocket API 3.1 employs Kerberos network authentication protocol for its single sign-on (SSO) process. You will now be able to trace sign-ins for each API to the individual that accessed it, giving you insight into who is accessing sensitive information.

Simplified deployment options

We have put new features in place to aid in the deployment of API data. The point-and-click deployment features included in Rocket API 3.1 will simplify the process of deploying multiple API gateways.

Monitoring and management improvements

Rocket API 3.1 includes monitoring and management tools which allow users to better analyze API traffic, making it possible to:

  • Enforce policies for proper access
  • Ensure compliance to regulatory standards and internal processes
  • Provide the foundation for API monetization