What's New in Rocket API

September 2020

We help companies all over the world get the most from their core infrastructure while meeting today's changing market expectations. In our summer releases, we focused our development efforts on the following improvements:

  • Transforming user experiences
  • Empowering developers and IT teams
  • Additional enhancements and bug fixes

Access and Connectivity Hub UX

As the only company with a modernization solution that has API management and deployment built in, we've doubled down on the Access and Connectivity Hub for LegaSuite and Rocket® API. A new UI/UX revamp makes them easier and more intuitive to use while providing a more holistic, real-time view of deployments across both the LegaSuite Web and Rocket API ecosystems.

Workbench and API Gateway

Enhancements to the workbench include the ability to modify the input/response fields structure/names for functions exposed by the Direct Host Connector. Similarly, enhancements to the API Gateway include the ability to connect to the Hub, providing real-time API Gateway status updates and easier deployment.