Engage your audiences with new web and mobile applications

Expose host-based functions to enable interaction any time, anywhere

Your host-based applications run your business, but the functionality they embody is typically inaccessible to the web and mobile users that make up an ever-greater share of today's workforce. Rocket API helps you unlock host application functionality to web and mobile user by enabling you to create full-featured APIs from host-based and other sources quickly and cost-effectively.

Create APIs safely and quickly, without the need to modify source code

Functionality that web and mobile users need is often locked away in older host-based applications. Rocket API makes it possible to extract discrete functionality and application data that were previously difficult or impossible to get-without requiring invasive source-code changes. 

By working within the business logic rather than the application code, you can create APIs that make new capabilities available for modern needs without compromising the business rules that make your company tick. And by avoiding significant changes to the application itself, you can create APIs in a fraction of the time normally associated with such efforts.

Meet complex workflow requirements with composite APIs

Today's applications often need information that comes from more than one source: workflows from multiple applications, database operations, stored procedures, third-party services, and more. In order be useful, information from these disparate resources often needs to be delivered as a single unified service, rather than a collection of individual operations.

Rocket API helps you meet these complex requirements by making it possible to create composite APIs from multiple sources. Create workflows from several "microflows" that might come from one or more applications; combine these with direct database operations or stored procedures; even combine any of these with other services to create a single composite workflow that meets even the most complex application needs.