Easily deploy, manage, and secure your APIs

Manage your services to maximize their value and security

Your APIs may meet user's needs, but if you can't deploy and manage them effectively, it won't be long before you face challenges or miss opportunities. Rocket API helps ensure you can manage your data and services to meet user expectations, and provides the tools to help you identify and monetize the value of those assets.

Maintain high performance, security, and availability

API administration is complex, with multiple moving parts and SLAs to address, as well as concerns about access. If anything goes wrong due to poor performance, unauthorized access, or deployment errors, your application could be at risk.

Rocket API helps you maximize the effectiveness of your APIs by providing tools to help you deploy, manage, and secure them easily. Rocket API includes a central location that enables you to deploy your APIs correctly, secure the APIs with role-based access, identify individual users who access your APIs, and monitor overall API use for performance optimization and API monetization. You can even tier gateway access based on SLAs to ensure that your high-priority users always have the access they need.

Monetize your API assets

Your host-based assets can be of tremendous value to users, partners, and customers; especially if you can share them for new web and mobile use-cases. With advanced monitoring, Rocket API enables you to see the value your services offer by identifying and monitoring the activity of all users. Armed with this information, you have the ability to apply charging algorithms for these services, monetizing the value of your APIs and enabling you to participate in the API economy.