Rocket Aldon third-party integrations

Modern, open, and agile DevOps

Rocket is committed to delivering high quality ALM and DevOps experiences to our customers. That commitment has driven us to add new support to Rocket Aldon® Lifecycle Manager for popular third-party and open-source tools. Now you can leverage the integrations highlighted below to strengthen your DevOps process and further improve performance and user experience while driving transparency, reporting, and alignment across teams.

Version control tools: Git & Apache Subversion

Version control tools help development teams track and manage changes to source code in order to recall specific versions at any time. Git™ is one of the most popular version control tools on the market, and Apache® Subversion® is used by many of our customers. In addition to standard version control functionality, Git and Subversion have a distributed architecture, making it easy to host a repository on a site like GitHub where any changes will be automatically made available to other developers. Both Git and Subversion integrate easily with automated building tools like Jenkins, Maven, Bamboo and Ant. Those tools can pull the source code they need for builds from the version control tool and then automatically build and deploy the application based on rules defined by the user.

When using these version control tools within your Rocket Aldon environment, all changes are mirrored into Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (LM). Git and Subversion also make it easy to integrate open-source tools into Aldon LM.

Project management and support tools: JIRA

Work management tools like JIRA are the foundation of successful development and support projects. Whether building requirements for future work from support cases, or managing agile development projects, many companies rely heavily on these tools to plan, execute, and report on projects.

JIRA is the leader in this space. We’ve developed a JIRA plugin that provides teams using Rocket Aldon with the ability to work seamlessly across both platforms, staying engaged in the system that makes the most sense for their workflows. This integration drives better productivity for development projects and puts more structure in place to help customers tighten up their processes for development. The Rocket plugin for JIRA works with both Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager solutions (LMi and LMe).

Automated build tools: Jenkins

Automated build tools enable developers to build, test, and deploy software reliably. They also allow developers to test and deploy without waiting for other development work to be done, which is a core requirement for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CICD) DevOps environments. Jenkins is an open-source build tool that is popular with companies moving towards CICD processes. Developers can pull the source code they need for builds from Git and then build and deploy the application based on rules defined by the user.

Jenkins manages builds across distributed environments, and Rocket Aldon customers who want to take advantage can either:

  • Store source code in Git while Jenkins monitors the Git repository, builds the application, then imports the build result into the central Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager repository. After this, Rocket Aldon can manage the deployment, security, testing and production environments, auditing, tracking, logging, and all the other ALM/DevOps functionality.
  • Store source code in the Rocket Aldon repository and leverage Jenkins to monitor and initiate the build of the application.

Other open-source tools

The most important motivation for adding open-source tools to the DevOps environment is the need for a common repository for code across all environments. As companies rapidly link applications together across operating systems, maintaining a common repository is necessary to ensuring all related changes are managed together.

By combining open-source tools with DevOps tools like Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager, users get the best of both worlds. Developers can work with the most powerful and popular version control and build tools available while taking advantage of the comprehensive native build and deployment capabilities of Rocket Aldon.

Analysis and productivity tools: X-Analysis

Analysis and productivity tools provide organizations visibility into their DevOps processes, making it easy for developers to know how to manage, update and maintain their code, and allowing DevOps teams to better understand the impact of a change to the larger environment. They also typically offer a modern GUI that’s easy to use and understand. We’ve provided a plugin for X-Analysis—one of the leading analysis and productivity tools on the market—so customers can easily gain visibility into their Rocket Aldon environment and make smart decisions about their applications and code.

Integrated development environments (IDEs): Eclipse and Visual Studio

Integrated development environment (IDE) solutions help developers edit, build, debug, and sometimes compile their code. There are many different types of IDEs on the market, but two of the most popular ones are Eclipse and Visual Studio.

With our commitment to provide an ALM/DevOps environment that fits your build and deployment needs, Rocket Aldon also includes integrations into IDE solutions like Eclipse and Visual Studio. Our Eclipse and Visual Studio plugins connect them directly to Rocket Aldon LMi and LMe, enabling a more cohesive developer experience from code editing to deployment.

Other supported environments:

  • Rational
  • CA 2E
  • Zend
  • Oracle® JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • JDA
  • Infor System 21
  • Lawson

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