Rocket Lifecycle Manager for Mobile

Extend Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps to mobile development

Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager for Mobile extends traditionally managed, automated Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps capabilities to mobile development processes.

With Aldon Lifecycle Manager for Mobile, you can automate the management of mobile application development through the traditional application lifecycle, ensuring applications stay in sync with changes to host applications.

Rocket Application Lifecycle Management

Synchronize traditional server and enterprise with mobile app development

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager is the gold standard for application lifecycle management (ALM) and DevOps for companies that rely on IBM® i, MultiValue application platforms and others to run their mission-critical applications. Lifecycle Mananager for Mobile brings enterprise-grade automation to mobile development, keeping your mobile code deployment development in sync with other changes.

Lifecycle Manager for Mobile automates the promotion, build, and deployment of your mobile applications. It captures your development processes, automates and enforces them, and documents that they have been followed. This helps reduce the amount of effort necessary to ensure that your mobile development processes meet regulatory and compliance requirements, just as Lifecycle Manager can co for other platforms. Additionally, it manages the version of the application on mobile devices, and secures business data and applications in a “bring your own device” environment.

Lifecycle Manager for Mobile extends traditional ALM and DevOps processes to your entire mobile application development process. It provides increased visibility and control of the mobile development lifecycle, while also increasing your developers' productivity. You’ll be able to deploy higher-quality projects on time while meeting regulatory, audit, and best-practices requirements.

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