Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager

Automate your software release deployment processes

Rocket® Aldon® Deployment Manager software helps development teams save time, reduce risk, and eliminate errors by automating the software deployment process.

We make it easy to automatically package and distribute files to designated target locations in each stage of the development cycle across multiple platforms. Know when, how, and if your software got there—and be able to prove it.

Application Lifecycle Management

Get the right software to the right place at the right time

Deploying software effectively is challenging and error-prone—particularly in business environments where software is complex and updates are frequent. Deployment errors can lead to outages, security risks, business losses, missed service level agreements, disgruntled users, and even failed software audits.

Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager takes the uncertainty out of deployment by automating every aspect of it. Our automated process saves steps, provides end-to-end insight and verification, and automatically enforces compliance and IT best practices. You can turn the "last-mile" problem into a productivity machine for everything from regular software updates to new applications, such as self-service kiosks. You can confidently deploy virtually anything to any platform, including UNIX, Linux, Microsoft® Windows®, IBM® z Systems® mainframes, or IBM® i.

Aldon Deployment Manager helps you package and distribute files to designated target locations in each stage of the development cycle, whether the files are source code, build results, graphics, documents, configuration files, or web pages. It's also easy to:

  • Automatically deploy files as they move through the lifecycle path or create deployment sets on an as-needed basis
  • Define pre-installation and/or post-installation commands for custom processing
  • Create redeployment packages for rollback, disaster recovery, or addition of new servers in a network
  • Get granular insight into deployments through our robust deployment log tracking

Secure, traceable, and dependable

Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager packages and deploys build packages to all appropriate target platforms on a secure, authorized basis. Separation of duties, workflow automation, and approval management are built into your deployments, and our software automates and enforces them.

Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager will ensure that proper versions are installed in the proper libraries or directories at the appropriate time, even if application components need to be installed simultaneously on multiple operating platforms. And should something go wrong, rollback is easy; simply tap the rollback button to return the systems to the previous state. Since the deployment process is tightly integrated with source control and promotion automation, you can be totally sure that you're testing exactly what was meant to be tested, and that you're deploying the right package to the right location.

Whether you're making updates to one computer or hundreds, Aldon Deployment Manager ensures the software deployment process is secure, reliable, and measurable.

Compliance, simplified

Software deployment, with its many moving parts, can be a compliance nightmare. Rocket Aldon Deployment Manager makes it easy to comply with internal IT best practices or regulatory requirements. Once you've defined the approved processes for deployment, Aldon Deployment Manager will automate and enforce them. You and your developers can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time creating great software.

Our software maintains a comprehensive audit trail that allows development managers, team members, and others to see into the deployment process. Those authorized can easily review the details of a specific distribution to identify failures that require further diagnosis or repair. Aldon Deployment Manager pinpoints failure patterns among machines, such as those with similar operating systems or databases, for further investigation.

Our companion product, Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager, includes predefined templates that can be used to initiate deployments in accordance with regulatory requirements. To help you get started, it includes templates for ITIL and Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory environments, as well as for best practices in software development. You can also configure your deployments to suit your specific compliance needs.

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