Reduce software errors and avoid production outages

Automate the entire software build, promotion, and release process

Version control tools give you the ability to better control software development through check-outs, commits, merges and check-ins. But managing versions of code is only one part of building software applications. By connecting and automating the entire process—build, promotion, and release—you can get reliable, dependable software into production at scale.

Deliver the quality software your customers expect

Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager offers release management and deployment capabilities that automate the entire application lifecycle process. Once a build is completed and imported, Rocket moves your release packages through the appropriate lifecycle stages and deploys the required files to the appropriate targets at each stage, without requiring manual administration.

Aldon Lifecycle Manager tracks, manages, and deploys your application through automated workflows and best practices. It automatically gathers approvals and logs all activities to ensure you meet your compliance requirements. You can see, capture, promote, and report on changes in the software development cycle. 

By freeing your developers from tedious manual processes, you can cut costs, ensure application integrity, increase efficiency, and speed up software delivery times. And because Lifecycle Manager offers you a structured application lifecycle process with complete traceability, you can easily meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Our release management and deployment capabilities fit into your DevOps organization with minimal disruption. For example: we give you complete version control flexibility—your developers can use any version control system they want, whether it's the included version control functions or a third-party tool.