Complete visibility into software development

The benefits of Rocket Aldon Lifecyle Manager (IBM i edition)

Wondering where your project is? You can track project status, view service request completion, monitor hardware and software requirements, and see who’s working on what code—regardless of platform, and all from a single screen. You're able to view each and every IT asset (applications, objects, projects), their interdependencies, and what happens if you change them. You have comprehensive insight into development status, right down to the file level.

Meanwhile, a single repository for IBM i keeps everything in one place. Developers are able to work on a multitude of file types, and compare and merge files from multiple platforms—even if they are using multiple tools.

Keep up with your business needs

Responding to changes in the business is faster and cleaner with Lifecycle Manager. Modernizing applications by integrating them with other applications, web sites, web services, and other data is less daunting. Compliance is built in and policies are automatically reinforced, taking that off your worry list. It's also easier to capitalize on distributed development and outsourcing with Lifecycle Manager. Our fine-grained control and role-based security let you create specific authorizations to releases and modules for use by distinct teams or individuals. Release management is repeatable, documentable, and traceable.

With your new level of insight and control, you can much more easily open doors to new business opportunities with your IBM i applications.