Automate your IT and DevOps workflow

Streamline software delivery from request to production

Software development changes continually but software delivery hasn’t always kept up. Rocket® Aldon® solutions automate IT workflows for delivering and deploying software—from the Service Desk to production releases. IT services and development teams can respond to changes quickly and in coordination with the business, while ensuring adherence to industry best practices for compliance purposes.

Ensure responsive, high-availability applications

Aldon ALM and DevOps solutions automate the software development workflow so that service requests and incident reports are routed to the right people and requirements are checked off. This means that you can better manage your resources and increase productivity. We allow you to see what everyone is doing, at any level, within any role, at any time. With this insight, you can better align the goals of business and IT.

Our solutions were designed to give you a single point of control—a dashboard that provides insight into all activities and a database to view all your IT assets and monitor any changes to them. You even get web-based reporting tools that let you generate ad hoc or historical reports based on your needs. Think of the system as a virtual watchdog that can give you total control of your operations, automate workflows and provide a "one-stop shop" for user request tracking and viewing your IT assets.