From Mainframes To Mobile

For more than 28 years, Rocket Software has been developing software solutions that help global organizations run their critical infrastructure and innovate for the future.


Smart management for unstructured data
Query, reporting, visualization and application development for IBM zSystem
Deliver IBM zSystems BI applications anywhere


Empower business users with interactive analysis
Automate performance report and BI publishing
Automate enterprise risk management
Automate corporate performance management
Enable critical business decision-making


The DBMS you can count on
The Hot Backup system for the D3 AIX, Linux and Windows platforms
Connect Rocket D3 applications to RDBMS tables anywhere
The fastest way to get to Oracle® databases from Rocket D3 DBMS
Holistic and simplified compliance reporting
Enable deep visibility & seamless collaboration via customizable dashboards
Enable unified change management and integration with third-party tools
Centralize, standardize, and automate IBM i development
Bring greater agility and precision to testing, deployment, and release


We'll take care of your EDI, so you can take care of your business
Secure transfer of design and engineering files and business data


Take your MultiValue applications to the web


Web-enable performance reporting—no training required


Partner with the leaders in legacy modernization
Take your critical apps from green-screen to web and mobile screens
Modernization, enhanced performance, and 24x7x365 uptime
Free performance monitoring tool for Rocket® UniVerse
High-performance web and mobile application development


Automated 24x7 management of networks, servers, and applications


RPA with rapid ROI for your IBM® i or IBM® Z
Total workflow visibility to help you set modernization priorities
Un-silo your legacy platform. Unlock your app’s trapped potential.


Expand visibility into your entire backup environment
Build a revenue-generating service around Rocket Servergraph
Fast track application development


Get automated, traceable, and secure data exchange with your PLM


Rapid object-based interface for U2
A MultiValue application platform for fast, flexible & secure applications
Fast, flexible, resilient data management and app development