From Mainframes To Mobile

For more than 28 years, Rocket Software has been developing software solutions that help global organizations run their critical infrastructure and innovate for the future.


Query, reporting, visualization and application development for IBM zSystem
A familiar look and feel for Rocket AS applications
Deliver IBM zSystems BI applications anywhere


Intuitive transaction profiling for IBM® CICS® trace data
Optimize MSU and reduce costs with actionable analytics
Powerful encryption and compliance solutions
Automates the copy export process
Enable critical business decision-making


DASD full volume backup & recovery and local dataset recovery
Holistic and simplified compliance reporting
Enable deep visibility & seamless collaboration via customizable dashboards
Enable unified change management and integration with third-party tools
Centralize, standardize, and automate IBM i development
Bring greater agility and precision to testing, deployment, and release
Disaster recovery assurance through automation


Mainframe output management that drives efficiency and increases security


Eliminate HSM processing delays
Web-enable performance reporting—no training required


High-speed analysis for large volumes of z Systems data


Tap mainframe security databases with bi-directional password sync


Reduce backup time by 40%-60% and speed disaster recovery
Minimize risk with uninterrupted access to data
Simplify and automate data cloning for your entire IMS subsystem
Simplify Db2 backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations on z/OS
Simplify IMS backup, recovery, and disaster recovery operations for z/OS
Prevent data loss in your IBM z/OS environment
Ensure business continuity with proactive mainframe storage management
Monitor z/OS systems for optimum efficiency
Clone Db2 subsystems in minutes instead of days
High-performance, high-volume data management for IBM® zSystems®
Partner with the leaders in legacy modernization
Take your critical apps from green-screen to web and mobile screens
Free performance monitoring tool for Rocket® UniVerse


Desktop and browser-based terminal emulation
Reduce batch processing time for IBM zSystems mainframes
RPA with rapid ROI for your IBM® i or IBM® Z
Total workflow visibility to help you set modernization priorities


Automate tape migration, virtual tape upgrades and consolidation
Improve application performance and efficiency
Highly configurable terminal emulator at a fraction of the cost
Simplify web and mobile access to critical host-based systems


Get the most ROI from your virtual tape investment
Tapeless virtual tape library with data recoverability
Slash run times for batch workloads
Improve backup, recovery, and migration performance for VSAM applications
Improve data availability without adding resources