Managed File Transfer tools with enterprise-grade security

Does your team rely on email, FTP, or free online services to share data and files? While convenient, these methods put your organization at risk. Confidential information can be accidentally emailed to unintended recipients, and online services can be vulnerable to external attacks.

Share sensitive proprietary information—safely and securely

Rocket® B2B Supply Chain Integration solutions include secure managed file transfer (MFT) tools that allow your team to quickly share sensitive proprietary information with one another and select partners—safely and securely. Your team will enjoy the ease of use web-based file sharing products offer, with the security and regulatory compliance considerations of an enterprise solution.

Rocket B2B Supply Chain Integration solutions ensure that only the intended parties can access your files, with advanced security.  Your files are also encrypted and decrypted locally before and after data transfer takes place, ensuring the most secure method of delivering documents and files. All file operations are logged and auditable, and every login and transfer operation is recorded, ensuring that a clear record of all file activity exists for compliance reporting needs.