EDI that's quick to implement and easy to use

Quick and easy exchange of data

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps companies exchange business documents and messages quickly, efficiently, and accurately between different ERP systems, using multiple communications protocols. Many companies don’t have the time or technical expertise to implement an EDI solution, but could benefit from using EDI with manufacturing, supplier, or retail partners across the globe.

EDI made easy

Rocket® B2B Supply Chain Integration solutions can help bring EDI to your business as an easy-to-use service, without the need for complex implementations or internal support. Our solutions are easy to implement and highly configurable, offering automation with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, delivering the benefits of unified data exchange protocols and processes across your entire manufacturing organization. Your business will benefit from faster data exchange, increased visibility into your daily transactions, reduced costs, and confidence that errors haven’t been introduced by a manual data entry process.