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A Business-First Approach to Modernization

Your business depends on proven applications running on IBM Z, IBM i/Power and Rocket MultiValue platforms. With Rocket API you can make the data and business logic locked inside those systems available for new initiatives such as web and mobile apps, AI, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—without disrupting application logic or upending decades of investment. Rocket API can help you transform your platform investments to so you can streamline operational efficiency, reduce costs, and respond faster to evolving business opportunities and risks.

Modernization Solutions
Our Enduring IBM Partnership

Rocket is a trusted, strategic IBM partner, with a relationship that began more than 20 years ago. Today, our 800+ engineers develop and support products for the IBM ecosystem, and IBM OEM products across multiple IBM solutions and platforms, including IBM Z and IBM i on Power Systems.

By helping you manage, enhance, and evolve your IBM applications and infrastructure, Rocket solutions make it possible to take advantage of modern technologies and user experiences, helping you meet growing business demands while getting more from your existing IT investment. Together, Rocket and IBM have brought a number of recent innovations to market, including: open source languages and tools (such as Git, R, and Python); analytics solutions (including Apache Spark); data virtualization (moving analytics closer to the data); and hybrid cloud connectors for IBM Z and IBM i.

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