Rocket Application Modernization Solution Matrix

Every application modernization project is different, presenting different requirements that can call for different approaches to solving them. However you choose to deliver your modernization project, we have you covered with solutions that enable you to bring your trusted core business applications into the twenty-first century. 

Rocket® LegaSuite Web helps you turn green-screen application interfaces into responsive web UIs and workflows using simple drag-and-drop tools, while Rocket® API enables you to make core application functions available via RESTful APIs for access via virtually any other programming language and application. 

Which is right for you?

Review this comparison table to help decide:

Capabilities Rocket API Rocket LegaSuite Web
Transform green-screen interfaces into HTML5-based web and mobile UIs X X
Enable application modernization without requiring knowledge of application source code X X
Modernize IBM i, IBM Z, and MultiValue application interfaces X X
Use built-in intelligence to ensure that core application changes don’t affect new UIs or APIs X X
Leverage tight integration into Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager for automated DevOps X X
Create RESTful and SOAP APIs from green-screen applications X
Convert direct RPG, CL. and COBOL program calls into web services X
Deliver code- and data-level APIs for IBM i and MultiValue platforms X
Enable programmers to access green-screen application functions using modern languages such as Node.js, Python, and Google Go X
Combine discrete APIs into composite services X
Incorporate external APIs into composite services X
Reformulate UIs and workflows from green-screen applications to crate modern web and mobile user experiences X
Deliver drag-and-drop UIs for building modernized applications X
Leverage dynamic UI templates and custom appearances to quickly build modern interfaces X
Incorporate external APIs to create comprehensive UIs X

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