Modernization for MultiValue

Extend the value of existing applications

The Rocket MultiValue (MV) Application Platform has stood the test of time. For years, the integrated database and development platform has delivered the best of traditional database management as well as design flexibility, along with outstanding reliability and performance. But today’s customers have new expectations and new business needs that make it harder for applications designed years ago to compete. Now, you can bring new life to your Rocket MultiValue-based applications, preserving your business-critical proprietary logic without making significant changes to the underlying code.

Create intuitive customer experiences for MultiValue applications

Most organizations care deeply about the customer experience, whether they’re trying to attract new customers or retain current ones. And employees expect the same type of experiences they get from mobile devices and web apps as consumers. Your applications need to be responsive, mobile, and web-enabled.

To get there, you don’t have to recode or replace your proven and reliable MultiValue applications. Rocket LegaSuite Web will help you create fresh, modern interfaces for your applications, and extend application interfaces to web browsers, smartphones, and tablets. With LegaSuite Web, you can easily create a winning customer experience.

Build new web and mobile apps on top of your MultiValue solutions

Part of providing an exceptional customer experience is ensuring that the user can get to the screen they want in the fewest possible steps. Intuitive, contextual navigation improves staff productivity and efficiency, and reduces employee training and turnover. Creating a new interface also provides the opportunity to introduce new functionality. Rocket API helps developers capture the data and workflows of green-screen applications and expose them as RESTful services. These services can then be used to develop web or mobile applications.

Reuse MultiValue Services to meet new customer needs

Leverage your existing knowledge and investment in SystemBuilder/SB+ and SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) to drive new types of applications to meet today’s customer needs, including Web and Mobile apps. You won’t have to rewrite your application; you can wrap your SB processes in services, then use the tools of your choice to create the new UI. When it’s time to make changes, SystemBuilder will even keep your back-office and front-end functionality in synch.