Modernization for IBM zSystems

Reimagine your mainframe

With more than 27 years of investment in the mainframe platform, community, and ecosystem, we're helping customers change the way they think about the value the mainframe can provide.  In addition to powering some of the world's most critical financial services, insurance, government, and retail applications, the modern mainframe helps organizations pinpoint and target new revenue opportunities based on enhanced customer insights derived from data science and analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics – all fueled by real-time access to mainframe transactional data.


Eliminate the skills gap with open source languages and tools

Rocket offers more than 30 open source languages and tools—including Git, R and Python—that allow any developer familiar with these popular tools and languages to harness the power of the mainframe. Together with IBM, Rocket is active in building the next generation of technology professionals for IBM Z, with our many academic initiatives designed to incorporate mainframe skills into current academic curricula.

Improve access to real-time mainframe data

For organizations running the mainframe, a large percentage of their operational data may be “locked” up in mainframe-specific data stores, such as VSAM and IMS. This data can be crucial in gaining the critical customer insights that differentiate your business, but unlike other sources of data it’s not readily accessible by analytical or machine learning tools. Rocket makes it possible to access mainframe data faster and easier in the formats data scientists and developers are accustomed to using in their work, without having to extract it first from the mainframe in an overnight batch process. With ready access to your data, your developers can make changes to core processes more easily, while bringing new applications and services to market faster.

By moving your applications, such as analytics, closer to the data (in this case, mainframe data), Rocket allows business professionals to perform critical analytics in real time.  Combine instant data access with predictive analytics and your business gains “Faster than real time” insights ranging from proactive fraud detection and prevention, to customized, on-the-spot customer promotions, to more informed financial trading decisions.

Extend proven applications into new web/mobile experiences

Today’s customers expect digital experiences that expand their ability to interact directly with your organization. Meeting this expectation makes it easier to transact business with you while enhancing your market position. The challenge? Quickly and safely transforming your reliable IBM Z screen applications to build on the business knowledge embedded in them, without additional coding or interruptions to your normal business operations.

Creating personalized online and mobile experiences is faster and easier when you can leverage RESTful APIs that securely expose mainframe applications and data. Developers don’t need mainframe expertise because your IBM Z artifacts are transformed into ready-to-use formats, accelerating time-to-market for new business services.


Rocket Process Automation
Lets you extend automation to your legacy applications through RPA

Rocket Process Integration
Unlock discrete functionality within your host-based applications for use in virtually any other environment or application

Rocket Open Source Languages and z/OS Tools
Let your developers use the open source languages they know to develop new capabilities that harness the power of the mainframe