IBM i Solutions

Manage digital transformation today – and into the future

Rocket ALM and DevOps: ready for this wave of modernization – and the next

Digital transformation is really never complete. Where to take your applications next will be dictated by changes in technology, changing customer demands, your competition, and by new business opportunities. Rocket IBM i solutions give you the tools you need to automate, build, deploy, and manage digital experiences—from services and APIs, to hybrid applications, to whatever comes next.

End-to-end intelligent application lifecycle management for IBM i

Rocket ALM and DevOps solutions help simplify management of IBM i applications in a heterogeneous, multiplatform world. Our solutions help you integrate everything you need to automate, create, deploy, and manage your development work, including apps, services, customizations, mobile front-ends, and other elements of new digital experiences.

Our solutions are highly automated, speeding delivery and deployment of changes, and keeping everything organized and in sync. Rocket ALM and DevOps solutions provide insight and enable collaboration across your IT team, and help simplify audit preparation and compliance. The transition to a hyper-nimble applications environment is made smoother and easier.

With Rocket ALM and DevOps solutions you can completely control and secure mobile environments, including the applications and data on those devices. It’s easy to manage the identities of mobile users, mapping their security from the mobile environment to the IBM i back-end so users have the same permissions everywhere. You can also strengthen application security by adding more authentication or specifying a data wipe in the event of a lost device.