IBM i Solutions

Ensure stable and scalable business continuity

Keep your extended IBM i systems available 24x7

Today customers expect web and mobile applications to be available and operating at peak performance all day, every day. You can’t afford to let the unexpected bring your applications and your business down. With Rocket high-availability disaster/recovery (HA/DR) solutions for IBM i, you can build and scale IBM i-based applications to serve large, demanding user populations with confidence.

iCluster Monitoring
Protect and ensure the integrity of your extended IBM i environment

Delivering highly-availabile applications and data are paramount to providing great service to your customers and business users. But that can be challenging in the face of complex multiplatform environments, increasing data volumes, and non-existent backup and maintenance windows.

Rocket’s HA/DR solutions for IBM i provide real-time replication and constant monitoring of your systems. In the event of system failure, you simply switch over to another system with an up-to-date copy of your data and your applications, preventing business disruption. In parallel, our backup and system monitoring solution lets you monitor your IBM i system status, as well as your backup status across multiple platforms–all from a single application UI.