MultiValue Application Platform

Protect your critical data and applications–and prove it

Each day a complex set of interactions, events, and activities take place within and around your business applications and data. How can you be sure each of these is consistent with your documented processes? How can you be sure your data is protected from misappropriation, misuse, or loss? Do you have appropriate protections in place to keep your business safe from the unexpected?

Whether you need to meet regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, pass internal audits or recover quickly from unexpected data corruption, you need to protect your data and application code. And, not only do you need to track current status, you also need to be prepared to document, isolate, and analyze issues for auditing purposes.

Security and compliance that keep up with your business

The Rocket MultiValue Application Platform safeguards your data and applications with proactive, automated security and compliance. Two key lines of defense are embedded throughout the MultiValue platform:

  • Automatic encryption allows you to keep data safe both in-flight and at rest
  • Audit logging enables you to track anything that happens within the MultiValue system, at the user, data, or system levels

With Rocket MultiValue, you can be confident that your data is protected, and your team well-prepared to provide the documentation that auditors require.

Simplify and reduce audit preparation by up to 30%

Some of our customers tell us that their IT department spends as much as 30% of their time doing nothing but preparing for audits. That's time that isn't being spent working on projects that move your business forward.

Rocket MultiValue Audit Logging provides detailed reports of what’s happening inside your MV system. It allows you to identify all data access and change events without affecting the performance of your existing applications, and helps you comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, GDPR, Basel III, SOX and other regulatory mandates. Event recording in Rocket MultiValue is fully configurable, and provides auditing capability at the system, data, and user levels along with audit policies defined at global, group, or individual event levels. Rocket MultiValue customers can use the encrypted audit logs to provide documentation of activity in the system, to show who accessed or modified system objects or performed given actions within the system.

Reduce data corruption and impact of malware

Rocket MultiValue HA/DR solutions allow you to delay replication of data after an update, so in the event erroneous data is accidentally committed to your production database, your team has a window in which to correct the data before it gets replicated. This can be helpful for scenarios prone to human error, or for keeping malicious updates safely out of replicas.



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