MultiValue Application Platform

Lower overhead than comparable solutions

Spend less time on troubleshooting and maintenance

Most IT organizations are under continuous pressure to do more with less. Demands to deliver new capabilities are endless, and in many cases the perception of IT is tied to the ability to meet these demands. But at the same time, the need to maintain and administer existing systems is constant, even if it’s not always obvious to the business.

Rocket DBMS and Application Servers
High availability paired with low overhead

When the platforms underpinning your critical business solutions don’t require large teams to administer them, you can dedicate more of your resources to meeting new demands from your customers.  Rocket Database Management System (DBMS) and Application Servers help make this a reality for thousands of customers worldwide.

Rocket customers know that our DBMS and Application Servers require less administration and maintenance than comparable platforms.  Supporting teams can be small and run lean, without negatively affecting the availability of solutions built on these platforms.  And a track record of high uptime and availability means you will spend less time troubleshooting errors and fixing issues than with other systems.

For truly massive enterprise applications, our larger-scale DBMS solutions are a very cost-effective solution, particularly for organizations with a mainframe already in their environment.

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