MultiValue Application Platform

Power, flexibility, and performance

Scale from the smallest workgroup to thousands of concurrent users

Remember when new applications only needed to be developed for a single platform? Those days are long gone. Today, any new application needs to be developed for two or more desktop operating systems and multiple mobile platforms—and don’t forget the browser version, which needs to work with multiple browsers.

Rocket DBMS and Application Servers
Scale from just a few concurrent users to thousands

Whether accessing your data and applications from mobile devices, via a browser, or using a .NET application on a PC, Rocket Database Management System (DBMS) and Application Servers empower you to deliver the solutions your customers and users need. They make it easy for you to create mobile, web, and desktop applications and components that work together seamlessly to deliver their combined power to your users.

Rocket U2 and D3 MultiValue databases help you deliver powerful solutions with low total ownership costs and a small hardware footprint. Rocket M204 provides rapid access to IBM® z Systems® and Open/VMS data at large scale, making it easy to transform data into intranet, internet, or extranet applications.

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