Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps

Automate development and release processes

Get more applications to market, faster

Developing and deploying software in complex, multiplatform environments involves managing many moving parts. Rocket® Aldon® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps solutions automate the most manual, error-prone parts of development and release. Top-down visibility, information-sharing across IT and DevOps teams, and integrated compliance controls expedite signoffs while reducing risk.

Automated Workflows
Get the right files to the right place at the right time, always

We make it easy to package and distribute files to designated target locations at each stage of your development cycle, whether they’re source code, build results, graphics, documents, or web pages. Our solutions gather, package, build, distribute, and install application parts on a secure, authorized basis. Automatically promote and deploy your build packages with just a click of your mouse–even from your mobile device, using our Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Web Portal. 

Rocket ALM and DevOps solutions give you total control, so you can tune deployment to your business requirements. Because the deployment process is defined to your system, our solutions always know exactly where the packages should go, and target machines as a single operation, even if different packages need to go to different platforms (including mobile devices). 

Since packages are managed all the way through the move-to-production lifecycle, you can also be sure that you’re testing exactly what was meant to be tested, before moving those files into production.