Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps

Increase DevOps convenience and flexibility via remote access

Rocket Aldon solutions make comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) easy and available anywhere and anytime you have access to a web browser or mobile device. With the Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Web Portal, as long as IT staff have their Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device handy, they can manage compliance requirements at a glance.

Share information securely and enforce compliance

With the Aldon Web Portal, you can track, manage, and adjust any part of the release process, including deployment set status, deployment target status, and point-and-click package rollback, anytime, anywhere. Meet compliance requirements and manage compliance reports wherever you are, keeping things moving.

See the status of deployment sets and targets at a glance. Any deployment activity requiring your intervention will be prominently displayed on top. You’ll quickly detect if anything failed or if something just needs further input from you.

You can set up the portal so that any activity generates an e-mail to you or your manager. The emails hyperlink right back into the web portal, so you can work through deployment problems quickly.