MultiValue GenNext: The future leaders of MultiValue

MV GenNext is a nominated team of young developers from organizations and geographies all around the world [who are] working together to shape the future of the MultiValue application development platform. Alongside their Rocket MultiValue R&D mentors, this group of driven innovators use their expertise in modern languages, architecture, and tools to influence the MultiValue platform roadmap.

The Voice of MultiValue Users

The MV GenNext members are helping our Rocket MultiValue platform developers push their limits, and introduce meaningful change to the platform in the coming months and years.

In 2018, the first MV GenNext class met in Denver, Colorado for a 2-day event wherein they discussed and collaborated on MV. From just this one event, several items were added to the MV roadmap, and lead to the creation of quarterly GenNext calls, which began in January 2019.

As real end-users of the MV platform—users committed to the platform’s long-term success—the MV GenNext team are our Voice of the Users. And their voice is growing.

Do you know a MultiValue user whose insight should impact the future of MV? Nominations are always open!  

A New Generation of MultiValue Influencers

Networking, Collaborating, Community Building

A New Generation Collaborating with MV Technology

What to Expect in the Rocket APT Challenge