Improve user and customer experiences

The business rules and process logic in your MultiValue application are as valuable as ever, but users inside and out of your organization have new expectations about the experiences delivered by business applications. Failure to meet those expectations can affect your solution’s appeal. A modern user experience—graphical, functionally rich, easy to use, and built for web and mobile use—is the way to address this challenge.

Modernize your user interface for improved usability

Most organizations care deeply about the customer experience, whether they’re trying to attract new customers or retain current ones. And employees expect the same type of experiences they get from mobile devices and web apps as consumers. Your applications need to be responsive, mobile, and web-enabled.

To get there, you don’t have to recode or replace your proven and reliable MultiValue applications. Rocket® Modern Experience (Formerly LegaSuite) will help you create fresh, modern interfaces for your applications, and extend application interfaces to web browsers, smartphones, and tablets. With Modern Experience (Web Edition), you can easily create a winning customer experience.

API-enable your apps to get more from your data.

Whether they're your end users or your customers' end users, chances are the people using your MultiValue applications wish they had an easier way to work with the data and logic locked inside them. That could range from a CEO frustrated that she doesn't have access to real-time analytics to a developer who needs to integrate his data with third-party applications or mobile projects. With Rocket® Process Integration (formerly API), you can provide easy access to that data and logic via APIs that are easy for any developer to work with. API-enabling your MultiValue applications means you and your customers can stay competitive by giving users and developers the access they need, and even open the door to new business opportunities as you join the API economy.

Rocket Process Integration offers a point-and-click environment for recording these API scenarios into distinct transactions, and enables you to enrich MultiValue data and functionality with data from third-party sources such as Google Maps,, or other project-specific content such as geospatial data or rating engines.

Increase retention and reduce training time for your customers

While updating your application's front end is just one part of a comprehensive modernization approach, it’s one of the most important ways you can reduce costs and increase productivity. An intuitive interface means your customers will enjoy fewer training requirements, faster onboarding and lower training costs. End users can get more done in less time and new staff can get up and running faster because the interface and navigation is familiar and intuitive, leading to increased revenue, fewer mistakes, and improved customer satisfaction.

Application Modernization Solution Matrix

Every application modernization project is different, presenting different requirements that can call for different approaches to solving them. However you choose to deliver your modernization project, we have you covered with solutions that enable you to bring your trusted core business applications into the twenty-first century.

Rocket® Modern Experience (Web Edition) helps you turn green-screen application interfaces into responsive web UIs and workflows using simple drag-and-drop tools, while Rocket® Process Integration enables you to make core application functions available via RESTful APIs for access via virtually any other programming language and application.



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