Improve user and customer experiences

Your IBM® Z mainframe environment is the backbone of your business, and represents decades of investment. But that doesn't mean that end users and developers should be content with interfaces and processes that are decades old. Today's users expect to interact with mainframe data anywhere, from any device. They expect an interface that's as modern as any of the mobile apps they use every day. They expect tools that help them simplify and automate manual processes so they don't have to spend hours every day on maintenance, reporting, and optimization. And they expect to use modern languages to write new programs.

The good news is that modernizing and optimizing your mainframe environment to give your users the experiences they expect is easier than you might think.

Revitalize your 3270 mainframe interfaces

Long-time mainframe developers and end users may be happy working in 3270 green-screen interfaces, but your Millennial and Generation Z staff have never known a world without graphical user interfaces. New hires may struggle to learn and use green screens, extending training time and increasing attrition rates. Rocket® LegaSuite® Web makes it easy to transform your green screens into fresh, modern HTML5 interfaces that your users expect with workflows and functionality that use the underlying business logic of the original applications. And since there's no need to touch the source code, building interfaces with LegaSuite Web takes less time than rewriting applications from scratch and lowers the associated risk. With LegaSuite Web, you can give your users and customers get the fresh, modern interfaces they want and expect quickly, without months of coding.

Unlike other solutions, LegaSuite Web lets you leverage existing development without having to install or modify code. It also automatically extracts and synchronizes all screens of a legacy application with any modernized user interface, ensuring consistent and coordinated change management at all ends of the organization. That means making a change to your application or source code on the back end won't break your interface on the front end.

Turn 3270 screen logic into new web and mobile apps

Not only do users expect modern interfaces, they want to access your mainframe applications from any location, using any device. However, many of your critical applications likely pre-date the internet, and building mobile apps that leverage 3270 screen logic isn't easy. But with Rocket® API, you can do just that. 

Rocket API enables you to encapsulate workflows and data from any 3270 screen. Using the APIs, you can integrate those workflows and data into new or existing web or mobile applications in a way that’s completely transparent to users. Customers and employees get the data and functionality they need to be productive no matter where they are. At the same time, you avoid the potentially massive costs and risks associated with rewriting applications from scratch.

Any developer can code for your mainframe

Students graduating with computer science degrees aren't learning COBOL; they're learning to code in modern langauges. To help address the growing mainframe skills gap, we offer more than 30 open source languages and tools—including Git, R and Python—that allow any developer familiar with these popular tools and languages to harness the power of the mainframe. Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS let your developers start coding quickly, without having to spend months learning new skills.

Application Modernization Solution Matrix

Every application modernization project is different, presenting different requirements that can call for different approaches to solving them. However you choose to deliver your modernization project, we have you covered with solutions that enable you to bring your trusted core business applications into the twenty-first century.

Rocket® LegaSuite Web helps you turn green-screen application interfaces into responsive web UIs and workflows using simple drag-and-drop tools, while Rocket® API enables you to make core application functions available via RESTful APIs for access via virtually any other programming language and application.


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