Simplify delivery of digital transformation projects

Many IBM® i shops understandably approach digital transformation projects with some amount of trepidation. Your IBM i system is at the heart of your business and represents years (or even decades) of investment. What if something goes wrong? Rip-and-replace approaches are time-consuming, risky, and expensive. On the other hand, your younger web and mobile developers aren't familiar with the code behind your applications. What if they accidentally break something?

With Rocket solutions, digital transformation doesn't have to be a scary proposition. With a range of tools that allow you to do everything from simple interface updates to making IBM i data and logic available safely as APIs, we can help you meet your goals in a way that's quick, low-risk, and non-invasive. We can even help you manage your development and release workflows with DevOps tools made specifically for IBM i environments.

Manage complex application lifecycles easily

Developing and updating IBM i applications can be complicated and risky. Managing those projects with the typical combination of customized software, open-source tools, and home-grown scripts can make it even worse. Issues that arise in the build and deployment processes can cause production outages, software failures, and even revenue losses. And without automation, manual DevOps processes can be error-prone and drive up unpredictability and risk.

Rocket® DevOps Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) help you create order in your digital transformation processes, automating and managing DevOps tasks. You can establish rules and automate manual processes, ensuring that each step is performed the right way, in the right order, and aimed at all the right targets. As a result, you get defined, automated, and traceable DevOps processes that improve quality and boost productivity, ensuring your software deployments work the way they’re supposed to.

Transform existing applications without rewriting them

Your customers expect fresh, modern digital and mobile experiences. But replacing proven systems with Windows or Linux systems can be expensive, risky, and drive up operating costs 3x or more. Rocket® Process Integration (formerly API) helps you unlock the valuable information that’s stored in your host applications for use virtually anywhere, including cloud, mobile, self-service applications, and more. By wrapping host-based business functions in APIs, even your most junior developer can create new web and mobile experiences based on your IBM i applications—without requiring risky modifications to the underlying source code. 

Rocket Process Integration helps you turn your IBM i system into a modern API-enabled platform utilizing SOAP or RESTful services, making it easy to integrate core business functionality into web or mobile experiences. Built-in intelligence ensures that codebase changes don't break the connection between your APIs and the applications that call them, letting you modernize without the time, expense, or risk normally associated with rip-and-replace efforts. Rocket Process Integration fits into any current application infrastructure using a no-code/low-code model—eliminating the need to write new application code.

Revitalize green-screen interfaces quickly and easily

Rocket® Modnern Experience (formerly Legasuite) lets you web-enable critical back-end applications so your users can access them from web browsers and mobile devices. Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition) makes digital transformation projects fast and easy, with drag-and-drop tools and runtime components that extend and repurpose any IBM i application as a user-friendly, HTML5 web application. Unlike other solutions, Modern Experience lets you leverage existing development without having to install or modify code. It also automatically extracts and synchronizes all screens of a legacy application with any modernized user interface, ensuring consistent and coordinated change management at all ends of the organization.



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