Access IBM i apps from web, mobile, and PC

You’ve put decades of investment into your IBM® applications, many of which are central to your business, but these applications often contain out-of-date workflows with green-screen interfaces, and can only be accessed via centralized terminals or bulky (and expensive) desktop computers. What if you could access your applications and data from any device and any location. What if you could interact with those applications via a fresh, modern interface? We can help you get there.

A terminal emulator that goes where you go

Chances are your users access IBM i applications using a terminal emulator. Rocket® Terminal Emulator (Web Edition) delivers secure, browser-based emulation to any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices–whatever you need to best serve your customers. This frees your users from fixed terminals in a back room or office and allows them to be more productive and deliver better, more immediate customer support. With Terminal Emulator (Web Edition), your in-store sales force remains focused on the customer, answering requests on-the-spot for item availability, ship dates, and price quotes. Warehouse employees are similarly empowered to understand what stock is coming in, perform on-demand pick reports, and file incident reports or other tickets at any time.

Modern web and mobile interfaces—no coding required

Today's users expect to connect to your systems from anywhere, and from any device. But transforming IBM i applications into agile web and mobile experiences can be difficult, expensive, and risky. Rocket® Modern Experience (Web Edition) lets you web-enable critical back-end applications so your users can access them from web browsers and mobile devices. Freeing users from fixed terminals and green-screen interfaces will not only increase satisfaction, it will also help improve productivity, reduce training costs, and allow you to provide them with the hardware best suited to their working environments.

Unlike other solutions, Rocket Modern Experience lets you leverage existing development without having to install or modify code. It also automatically extracts and synchronizes all screens of a legacy application with any modernized user interface, which ensuring consistent and coordinated change management at all ends of the organization.

Wrap business and screen logic in APIs for new digital experiences

Your customers expect fresh, modern digital and mobile experiences, but replacing proven systems with Windows or Linux systems can be expensive, risky, and drive up operating costs 3x or more. Rocket® Process Integration (formerly API) helps you unlock the valuable information that’s stored in your host applications for use virtually anywhere, including cloud, mobile, self-service applications, and more. By wrapping application business and screen logic in APIs, even your most junior developer can create new web and mobile experiences based on your IBM i applications—without requiring risky modifications to the underlying source code. 

Rocket Process Integration helps you turn your IBM i system into a modern API-enabled platform utilizing SOAP or RESTful services, making it easy to integrate core business functionality into web or mobile experiences. Built-in intelligence ensures that codebase changes don't break the connection between your APIs and the applications that call them, letting you modernize without the time, expense, or risk normally associated with rip-and-replace efforts. Rocket Process Integration fits into any current application infrastructure using a no-code/low-code model—eliminating the need to write new application code.

Application Modernization Solution Matrix

Every application modernization project is different. Each presents different requirements that can call for different approaches to solve them. However you choose to deliver your modernization project, we have you covered with solutions that enable you to bring your trusted core business applications into the twenty-first century.

Rocket® Modern Experience (Web Edition) helps you turn green-screen application interfaces into responsive web UIs and workflows using simple drag-and-drop tools, while Rocket® Process Integration enables you to make core application functions available via RESTful APIs for access via virtually any other programming language and application. Also, Rocket® Process Insights gives you the visibility you need to prioritize your modernization projects and drive fast ROI for the business.



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