Give your developers the open software they want through a system that combines an easy user experience with the security and support IBM® Z® customers demand

Rocket® Open AppDev for Z helps you bring applications to market faster, at lower cost and with less risk. We make it easier to implement modern application development practices by automating processes while ensuring compliance to organizational standards and business rules.

Rocket Open AppDev for Z provides:

  • 20 ported open-source tools and languages for IBM Z, bundled for the AppDev experience (with more to be added over time)
  • Secure, controlled and easy deployment, with a package management system that also serves as an environment manager
  • World-class 24x7x365 global support

Rocket Open AppDev for Z is much more than a collection of software ports. Our most recent innovation is a software deployment and management system based on conda and our own Anaconda Team Edition channel server. This system combines the high security that mainframe customers demand with an easy user experience for sysprogs and end users.

Compliance and security

Many of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies and government agencies rely on Rocket Open Source Languages and Tools for z/OS. That’s why we feel it's essential that we check our deliverables for vulnerabilities and follow proper licensing requirements.

All of our products are:

  • Continuously kept up to date against the NIST National Vulnerability Database
  • Scanned for both security vulnerabilities and conformance to proper open-source licensing prior to release

Secure and simple delivery, deployment, and maintenance

Rocket Open AppDev for Z is based on the conda package and environment management system. Conda is uniquely suited to the mainframe world thanks to its two levels of available security, including the most secure file channel option for air-gapped mainframes.

Conda is aware of dependency and version compatibility, protecting you against dependency and version mismatches and allowing you to run multiple versions of packages.

Environment support
Simple conda environment commands enable you to create, delete, activate and deactivate environments at will.

Conda features (including conda environments) are all language-agnostic, making Conda the choice for users regardless of whether they're programming in Python or R, or simply want to download some tools completely independent of any programming language (e.g. Git).

Secure repositories with guaranteed provenance
Whether you're using our secure channel server or your own file channels, our compliance and security system will give your team confidence that you know where your open-source technology is coming from, that it's authentic and tamper-free, and that it's been scanned, vetted, and tested. All of the open-source products and packages we provide with Anaconda Team Edition are ported, built, and audited by the team here at Rocket software.

Our Open-Source Support packages are based on the same world-class, customer-centric principles as our other support offerings. When it comes to open-source support, we're offering support and fixes for open-source development tools as opposed to consultancy or solution engineering services.