FAQ - MultiValue Database Acquisition

18 November 2013
Rocket Software Completes Acquisition of MultiValue Database Business from TigerLogic

Rocket Software has acquired the MultiValue database business from TigerLogic.  Following is some information about the transaction, and what it means to existing customers and partners.

Q. What is the MultiValue database business that was acquired?
A: The MultiValue database business comprises D3, mvBase, mvEnterprise and associated technologies.  Rocket has acquired the entire MultiValue database business from TigerLogic, including the dedicated employees that have been selling, developing and supporting these products for years. 

Q. Why did Rocket Software acquire this business?
A. We have a long-standing commitment to MultiValue database technology and a deep respect for the acquired team and the products that they’ve developed over the years. The MultiValue database area is a strategic focus for Rocket Software, and we’re excited to continue to sell, develop, and support our new MultiValue database solutions.  We also welcome our new partners and customers who use this technology.

Q: When was the deal signed?
A: This transaction was announced publicly on October 16, 2013 and closed on November 15, 2013.

Q. What will Rocket call this new business?
A. Rocket will refer to this business as Rocket D3, which will comprise the D3, mvBase, mvEnterprise products, as well as all associated technologies. 

Q. How will the new team fit into Rocket Software?
A. The new Rocket D3 team is joining our global organization of more than 1,100 Rocketeers.  The Rocket D3 business is now another important database offering within our Database Servers and Tools business unit here at Rocket Software. We plan to invest in this business and will continue to sell, develop and support Rocket D3 products.  We will also continue to sell, develop and support our existing MultiValue database software known as Rocket U2. We want to emphasize that both of these product sets are important to Rocket Software.

Q: What is Rocket planning to do with the acquired products?
A: These new MultiValue database products are a great addition to our set of offerings in this area. We plan to continue investing in Rocket D3 products in order to deliver new features and functionality to our customers and partners.

Q. What are the financial terms of this acquisition?
A. Rocket Software will not discuss the financial terms of this acquisition.

Q. Will the acquired employees remain in the same offices/city?
A. The majority of the new team is based in Irvine, California, and they will remain in their current office.

Q. What does this mean for existing customers and partners?
A. Existing customers and partners will continue to have the same relationships they currently have with the sales, development, and support teams. Rocket is firmly committed to the acquired products, and we will continue to work to deliver the reliability and service levels that customers have come to expect.

Q. Who do I contact for customer support or any other question?
A. Support contacts will remain the same and can now also be accessed through the Rocket D3 support page. Product information can be found on our website in the Rocket D3 product family area.

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